What do many of today’s leading actors and comics have in common?
They all started in improv!

Ever want to be part of an improv comedy troupe? NOW THIS will teach you how to create characters and scenes on the spot, stretch your imagination and work as part of an ensemble. You'll learn how to 'say yes' to your partners' and the audience's ideas. Improv is not only about being funny. It's a vital tool that professional actors use to prepare their roles, and many companies use improv as team building, because it improves creativity, flexible thinking, listening, concentration and learning.
Did we mention it’s also a lot of fun?

Single workshop - $45


Studying improv is a ‘must’ for budding performers, and the skills it teaches are great for everyone. Our students learn how to Stretch their imaginations, develop characters, listen and focus, think on their feet and work with a team, supporting, not competing with their classmates

Single workshop - $40

All classes are Saturday afternoons and are held at the Riot Act Comedy Theater 801 E. St NW Washington, DC

Can’t come to us? We’ll bring a workshop to you anywhere in the DC Metro area.

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