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    Our ‘signature piece.’ Lots of audience participation. You provide us with information in advance, we combine it with suggestions from the audience and instantly create hilarious spoofs in every style from rap to opera. Because the show is designed to focus on your theme, organization, or guest of honor, you can be sure it will be appropriate for your event. Great for groups of any age interest or size.


    Our murder mysteries can be done as an evening’s entertainment or spread out over an entire weekend. Custom-scripted to fit your event theme, filled with laughs, they are a good choice for groups of 25-200.

    Larger groups (200-1500) will enjoy our ‘walkaround’ murder mystery. Attendees find and interview our costumed suspects in the crowd. Each has a clue to the murderer’s identity. One suspect is lying. When all the true clues are combined, the case is solved and a winner can be chosen from all the correct answers your guests submit. A great way to spice up a standup reception.


    Two actor/trainers take your group through a series of improvisational games designed to focus on the skills you wish to work on. These are especially effective in improving creativity, teamwork, flexibility, concentration, communication and listening. Workshops can be as short as an hour or run an entire weekend (and anything in between).


    Choose one location (e.g. the grounds of an estate) or all of DC. We’ll have your group collecting clues, dancing, solving riddles and making up silly poems with the aid of our actor/huntmasters. Great teambuilding activity!

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