Creative Bursts   Are all-day  meetings draining your creative juices? Replenish them with an improv workshop. You’ll increase creativity, improve listening skills and concentration, and teach your team to support and build on each other’s ideas, with  a series of exercises designed for your group and goals. 60 & 90 minute formats

Scenarios  Develop a stronger team and problem-solving ability in this 90 minute workshop. You’ll learn improvisational skills and then recreate typical work situations where those skills can prove useful.

Showstoppers 3 performers (2 actors and a musician) teach your group some basic improv technique, then together you create and perform ‘a B'way musical nobody ever heard of before’; from auditions to a scene from the finished product. Something for everyone to do; whether they're painfully shy or wildly outgoing. Our cinematic Showstopper is similar, but the group creates ‘a movie nobody ever heard of before’.

Show and Tell   Want a memorable experience for your next event? Make everyone laugh with a customized music and comedy performance, then make them think with an improv workshop.

Teams follow clues from location to location. At each stop, a costumed actor will make them perform tasks for points. Can be run indoors or out, and run from 90 minutes to half a day. Each hunt is unique,  created for your theme and goals.

Let us show you how live actors can make your seminars more exciting and effective. Ask us about what we did for Marriott Lodging Training.

You  really helped set the tone for a great week of meetings.

“NOW THIS! made the class a vibrant and entertaining learning vehicle.”
Marriott Lodging Training

“We had a great time. It was a terrific ice breaker!”
Our client said it was their best team building ever”
Westfield’s Marriott

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